A South of the Border Marriage Celebration

Well this week we have much to celebrate! South of the Border marriage for Gays and Lesbians have been making headlines. Mexico City’s mayor gave the movement and Mexico City residents a great gift of justice and equality as now gay and lesbian couples there can legally marry and legally adopt children!  This in a very Catholic country.   But you see in Mexico they do marriage right.  Everyone is civilly married first and then if you want a religious wedding you go to your rabbi or priest. There is no confusion there like there is here. And the radical religious right has  through their talking points blurred the lines between the separation of church and state. And not only with the marriage issue but of course in many different arenas.  Faith based initiative money; school vouchers as an issue to be used in religious schools; and of course marriage. 

In the United States everyone must get a civil license but clergy can perform the wedding legally and sign the state license.  We should not be able to do so. 

Also this week south of our Border in Argentia, in Tierra del Fuego, the southern most state  Jose Maria Di Bello and Alex Freyre tied the knot! They did so in the state capital of Ushuala.  This is a first for Argentina!

Check out the full story from the UK’s Pink News, http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2009/12/29/gay-couple-become-first-in-latin-america-to-marry/

So as 2010 rings in let us continue to ring in full equality and justice for those who wish to marry. And even when we meet with push back from Victorian pent-up religious folks–let’s keep pushing forward!

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