I was so honored to be selected by Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel to receive an honorary doctorate. It was truly moving to be acknowledged for my human rights and LGBTQ activism, my passionate Zionism and my work as a rabbi. With President Prof. Daniel Chamowitz and the Rector Prof. Chaim Hames…Read more »


It is humbling to have your work over the life of one’s career recognized for the impact you have made. I am always a little bit overwhelmed when I am noticed. I should be over it. I have been in the public eye for a long time now. I tend to keep my head down…Read more »

Be an Ally/Chaver

The word for friend/friends in Hebrew in Chavera/Chaver/Chaverim I am so thrilled to have contributed a chapter to a phenomenal new book on being and becoming an Ally. This new book “Chaver Up!“, reminds us that being an ally is a deeply Jewish value. In the book, my fellow writers and I grapple with the complexity,…Read more »