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Make an Impact
in the World of Nonprofit

Rezilience Strategies helps clergy, nonprofit executives and organizations excel, thrive and succeed.

Leadership Mentoring
Executive Coaching, Mentoring Rabbis, Cantors, Ministers and non-profit executives

Career Transitions
Help in seeking a new position or moving up in your current organization; Placement coaching for Congregational Boards; Coaching through the retirement decision making and process

Organizational Development
Develop strategic plans, facilitate meetings/retreats; Team Building; Help with onboarding new hires, or creating a work plan for employees with work place concerns.

Working in a challenging environment? Toxic people?  Organizations are always challenging because people can be challenging. Understanding the ebbs and flow of the workplace and the subtle arts of working with your co-workers and volunteers and how to reshape culture.

Rabbi Denise L. Eger stands as an unparalleled trailblazer amongst modern Jewish leadership, with an illustrious four-decade career in Rabbinical service. Her impact resonates globally, and she has earned her place as a distinguished speaker, a luminary not only within the Jewish community but also in the broader interfaith discourse. Rabbi Eger has achieved a well-deserved reputation as an authority on women’s and LGBTQ issues, dedicating herself to advocacy for inclusivity and equality. Her track record includes serving as the former president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Southern California Board of Rabbis, underscoring her influential role in shaping the future of Jewish leadership. Beyond her leadership roles, Rabbi Eger is a prolific author and an esteemed educator. Through her mentorship and innovative programs, she has empowered countless individuals, leaving an indelible mark on leadership training and the broader landscape of Jewish thought and practice.

At Rezilience Strategies, We create more fulfilling, meaningful and passionate rabbinates/ministries. We build leadership skills, instill confidence, help you find and strengthen your inner voice. We are spiritually grounded in our approach and use best practices of church / synagogue / nonprofit management to understand the roles of clergy and nonprofit executives and boards. We value diversity and honor cultural uniqueness.
We listen.


Rabbi Eger’s Books and Published Contributions

Clients Say


Rabbi Eger’s sessions with me were invaluable. I got insight, direction, and encouragement to find my own voice while planning a very important transition time in my life. She is a great coach!


Answers you didn’t know you had!

Denise Eger is an excellent listener. She takes you on a journey with yourself toward answers you didn’t know you had. Her wise questions have led me toward my best self and to have the strength to live the life I’ve always wanted.

Rev. LF


I have worked with Denise for the majority of my rabbinical career – nearly a decade. She is receptive, thoughtful, perceptive, and extremely well- rounded. Her long tenure within the industry gives her unique insight and invaluable experience that makes her a wonderful mentor, colleague, and friend. I am lucky to have her in my corner and look forward to her continued guidance and support as I continue in my professional journey.


Achieve Goals

I highly recommend Rabbi Denise Eger as a coach. Rabbi Eger helped me clarify, not only my goals but, also, the process by which to achieve them. She always offered support and encouragement while not hesitating to ask the difficult questions, a beautiful combination. She is, of course, highly knowledgeable about and experienced in the rabbinate, so is able to give invaluable insights about the field. I looked forward to seeing her warm smile and greeting each time I logged onto Zoom. I am so grateful to have worked with her.


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