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Rabbi Denise L. Eger, a graduate of Coaching4Clergy training programs, brings more than 35 years executive non-profit experience to you. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation as a PCC, Professional Certified Coach.

Denise is the principal of ReZilience Strategies consulting and coaching practice. She is a graduate of Coaching4Clergy and Coaching4Leaders program and certified by the International Coaching Federation. Rabbi Eger focuses her more than 35 years experience in the nonprofit sector helping nonprofits strategize and strengthen their missions. 

She coaches both clergy and non-profit executives to achieve their goals. Through her coaching practice, Denise provides one-on-one executive coaching for rabbis, ministers, pastors and non-profit executives to strengthen their leadership, decision making and effectiveness in their respective roles. Denise can help you bring forth and recapture the spiritual foundations of your sacred work.

She has worked with numerous C-suite executives and boards to create the synergy they need to power their work to the next level.  Her background in governance, fund development and nonprofit management takes your strategic initiatives into consideration and helps you bring them into fruition.

She holds certificates in NonProfit Management from The AllState Foundation Program at the Kellogg School of Northwestern University and the Jewish Executive Management Program at the Kellogg School of Northwestern University.

Rabbi Eger has been known for her national leadership in the Jewish community, interfaith circles and is a known expert on women’s and LGBTQ issues. She has led numerous boards and organizations through strategic processes, fundraising success, provided DEI training and implicit bias training and has mentored and coached clergy helping them transition to new positions and feel more secure in their leadership.

She is a past president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Southern California Board of Rabbis and a founder of the Los Angeles LGBTQ Interfaith Association.

Rabbi Eger is available to work with your business, organizations or for one on one coaching sessions. She will help you build resilience and achieve your professional and personal goals.

Rabbi Eger is available as a consultant for board training and staff training. She has an expertise in strategic planning processes and has taught many successful programs focusing on leadership training. Denise can lead your organization in diversity and equity and inclusion training particularly around issues of gender and sexuality.

Denise is a noted author. Her most recent book is written with Rev. Neil Thomas, 7 Principles for Living Bravely. Born of their shared experiences leading communities during the early years of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic and then again in during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Eger and Thomas draw upon their friendship and religious traditions of Judaism and Christianity for spiritual principles to navigate difficult seasons of life.  It is available on Amazon. A companion study guide for Christian communities and a separate companion guide for Jewish communities is available. The book is also available in Spanish.

Eger is also the editor of the groundbreaking book Mishkan Ga’avah: Where Pride Dwells A Celebration of LGBTQ Jewish Life and Ritual. This collection of LGBTQ prayers, poems, liturgy, and rituals is both a spiritual resource and a celebratory affirmation of Jewish diversity. Giving voice to the private and public sectors of queer Jewish experience. She also wrote a Study and Discussion Guide for Mishkah Ga’avah for teens and adults which is free for download at the above link!

She is the co-editor of the book Gender and Religious Leadership: Women Rabbis Pastors and Ministers. This volume analyzes historical and recent developments in female religious leadership and the larger issues shaping the scholarly debate at the intersection of gender and religious studies.