Sukkah Guests

Tonight we begin the Festival of Sukkot, our Fall Harvest Extravaganza!  In our day and time this is a most overlooked by liberal Jews.  With so much emphasis on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur the rest of the High Holy Days- Sukkot, Hoshanah Rabbah, Simchat Torah are often passed by.  In the ancient days this…Read more »

The Power of our Ancestors

Parshat Chayei Sarah Genesis 23:1 – 25:18 This past summer I had one of the most powerful spiritual experiences in Israel that I ever had.  I visited the Cave of Machpela, the tomb of our ancestors in the ancient city of Hebron. I prayed before the tomb of Abraham and Sarah, the first Jews according…Read more »

The San Francisco bris ban

In San Francisco the Anti-Semites are at work.  They have collected enough signatures to place an anti-circumcision initiative on the fall ballot in San Francisco county. It would be a crime to perform a circumcision on a minor child. This would involve jail time and a minimum $1000 fine. The group that is sponsoring this ballot initiative…Read more »


I have had the good fortune to have a tangerine tree nearby that has been bountiful with its tangerines.  Overflowing actually.  I have been feeding it over the last couple of months and now the tangerines are amazingly sweet and I have been able to share them with lots of folks! It is different to…Read more »