Clergy for LGBT Justice

More on Clergy Call from Last Week: I attended and participated in HRC’s Clergy Call for Equality and Justice last week in Washington, D.C.  On Monday of last week I had the privilege of participating on a panel with Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, Rev. Dr. Harry Knox, Bishop Carlton Pearson.  The Panel was about Faith…Read more »

Clergy Call Reflections.

I have been traveling.  This week I was in Washington, D.C. at the Human Rights Campaign Clergy Call for Justice and Equality. 298 Clergy gay and straight and trans clergy gathered to advocate and lobby for GLBT Rights on Capitol Hill! Inspiring!  As many of you know I serve on HRC’s Religion and Faith Council…Read more »

Clergy Call

Today is Clergy Call.  Human Rights Campaign biennial gathering of clergy from around the United States to learn about and advocate for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights on Capitol Hill.  Our Congresspeople must hear from us. And they must hear from clergy who support gay rights.  They all too often only hear from homophobic…Read more »

Laker Shame

I am not a Laker fan.  I like basketball well enough.  I actually prefer college ball to professional. But Los Angeles is definitely a Laker kind of town.  It is the sport that dominates here.  Some towns are football towns and others baseball towns. But Los Angeles is a Laker town. But after Kobe’s sexual…Read more »

My remarks from HRC Gala

Thank you again to the Human Rights Campaign for recognizing me at their Los Angeles Gala on Saturday night with the Community Equality Awards! What a wonderful soiree.  The baseball player was my “date”.  I was so proud to be there with him and so many good friends and temple members.  And most of all…Read more »