Push A Button for Kol Nidre

Here is this year’s (5773) Kol Nidre Sermon delivered at Congregation Kol Ami.   Happy New Year.   Shana Tova.         As we begin this Kol Nidre evening our thoughts turn to the contemplation of our lives. For the last ten days since Rosh Hashanah we should have been engaged in a conversation with God to…Read more »

How do you wield power?

Day seven of the omer! A whole week of counting has happened.  The first week.   The week of Chesed-lovingkindness.  Did you practice it?  Today is Malchut b’Chesed  Soverienty in lovingkindness… how do you wield power?  Our tradition teaches that even for the Holy One of blessing that compassion outweighs strict justice.  Be careful how…Read more »