Stop the Gun Violence

The Gun Violence has got to stop.  The latest cold blooded murders of the 2 Roanoke, Virginia reporters is yet another heartbreaking example of why we must assert more control of the selling and ownership of guns in this country.  It is out of hand.  From Charleston, to Aurora,  Trayvon Martin, and Sandy Hook the…Read more »

My heart is moved

It has taken me a few days to write about the unfolding events in Ferguson and now NYC.  My heart has been so broken and saddened.  Having grown up in the deep South I know there is a definite undercurrent of racism in our country. I have seen it.  Memphis the place where Dr. King was murdered…Read more »

#Trayvon Martin

Today I dedicate this blog to the memory of Trayvon Martin.  He is the young man who went out to the store, got some Skittles and was shot dead by George Zimmerman the neighborhood watch member.  I don’t know what transpired between the two to cause Mr. Zimmerman to shoot.  But I do know that…Read more »