Bullying in New Jersey

This is a letter to the Publisher of the Jewish Standard who recently succumbed to pressure from the Orthodox community to retract gay and lesbian Jewish wedding announcements in that paper. Dear Mr. Janoff: I am deeply disappointed in your paper’s (The Jewish Standard) policy to exclude gay couples from  wedding announcements.  What happened to…Read more »

Take the Pledge

Keshet in Boston put together this incredible list of Jewish community endorsers of this important anti-bullying pledge for Jewish communal institutions and individuals.  Can you take the pledge? I have and Kol Ami has and the Reform Movement has; the Conservative movement, the Reconstructionists and so many more.  Please join this wave.   Sign by clicking…Read more »

Still In Shock

I guess I am still in shock about Tyler Clementi.  Or I am In shock that two fellow college students would violate another person’s privacy so much.  Two roommates at Rutgers evidently filmed his sexual encounter, bragged about it on Twitter and webcast it.  Social Networking gone mad. In this weekend of the movie premier…Read more »