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Gay Golden Globes

It was a very gay night in Hollywood. Okay technically Beverly Hills.  The Golden Globes was a night to celebrate Gays and lesbians.  With a major win for best picture for “The Kids are All Right” and a best actress nod to Annette Benning in that very film, lesbian family life was highlighted.  So too in the win by openly lesbian actress Jane Lynch for her character in the hit Fox show, “Glee”.  Lynch acknowledged her wife Lara Embry in her thank you speech.     

Also winning for his role of Kurt  in “Glee” was Chris Colfer.  He gave a wonderful speech that encouraged any kid who is bullied for difference to fight back. He said, “Tell them Screw that!”   This was very important because the issue of teen suicide and bullying has been so prevalent in recent months. So many young people have killed themselves because they were harassed and bullied for being gay or perceived as gay.   

Ricky Gervais the British host of the Golden Globes should be ashamed of himself however. In his opening monologue he made a “gay” joke implying Tom Cruise and John Travolta were gay although he didn’t mentioned them by name.  Instead he talked about Scientology. Their brand of religion.  Was this necessary? Was it homophobic?  Gervais, in my opinion, did a poor job as a host and this opening monologue “joke” was an example of his poor taste.

Never the less gays and lesbians continue toward increasing visibility as more and more films and television address our lives.  Kudos to those producers and writers and directors and actor and actresses that are willing to address our lives.