Always a Bridemaids Never a Groom

Please see my good friend Robin Tyler’s amazing and funny Show on June 19 at the Acme Theatre on La Brea. ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID, NEVER A GROOM (the love story behind Prop 8).  Performing Artists  Robin Tyler When: Sunday 06/19/11 3:00 PM Ticket Price: $25.00 for Ticket without dinner discount. $30.00 for Ticket plus 25%…Read more »

Squelching weddings

The Ninth Circuit Court could have lived up to its more progressive interpretations of Constitutional Law. But they chickened out.  They refused to lift the stay on California same-gender weddings that they imposed pending a decision in their federal court case. The case known as Perry vs Schwarzenegger was appealed to the Ninth Circuit after…Read more »

DOMA Repeal on Deck

On Wednesday Senator Diane Feinstein introduced a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. This is the federal law that was passed during the Clinton Administration that set aside the fourth amendment to our Constitution saying that states did not have to recognize all marriages done in another state.  Specifically aimed at marriage between same-sex couples.  Of…Read more »