Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Nov. 20.   For the last 18 years this day has been dedicated to the memory of all those transgender men and women who have been murdered because they were hated.  Many transgender people have experienced violence and hatred directly.  Many are victims of society’s misunderstanding of their lives.…Read more »

In the Beginning -Bereshit

Simchat Torah/Parshat Bereshit Genesis 1:1 – 6:8 Rabbi Denise L. Eger   With the arrival of the holiday of Simchat Torah, we come once again to begin the cycle of the reading of Torah.  We end our reading with Deuteronomy and then immediately begin with the opening words of Genesis, “When God began to create…Read more »

Gilad and Simchat Torah

Get your dancing shoes on! Trip the light fantastic!  It’s Simchat Torah Wednesday night and Thursday.  We will end and begin the cycle of reading the Torah again with much rejoicing.  Just as Moses’ soul ascends to heaven we will quickly read again about the beginnings of the Universe.  Simchat Torah as a hyper-time machine-leading…Read more »