Stop the Gun Violence

The Gun Violence has got to stop.  The latest cold blooded murders of the 2 Roanoke, Virginia reporters is yet another heartbreaking example of why we must assert more control of the selling and ownership of guns in this country.  It is out of hand.  From Charleston, to Aurora,  Trayvon Martin, and Sandy Hook the…Read more »

When will the gun violence stop?

Today we see that another tragic shooting took place. This time in an elementary school outside of Hartford, Connecticut.  Earlier this week Cal State Fullerton was on lockdown because a shooter was roaming the campus.  And it was only days ago that a young man took loaded guns into mall near Portland, Oregon.  And this…Read more »

More gun violence

Gun violence is all around. Today another shooting in front of the Empire State building. And last night a particularly bloody night in Chicago. This against the backdrop of The Aurora shooting and the murders at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. Everyone says you can’t fight the NRA, The giant lobby of the gun owners…Read more »