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When will the gun violence stop?

Today we see that another tragic shooting took place. This time in an elementary school outside of Hartford, Connecticut.  Earlier this week Cal State Fullerton was on lockdown because a shooter was roaming the campus.  And it was only days ago that a young man took loaded guns into mall near Portland, Oregon. 

And this was just in recent days.  When will the gun violence stop?

I pray for the victims of these tragedies.  Those injured and those who died and their families.  I pray for those who were witnesses and have been traumatized by these events. I pray for our country that we come to our senses and challenge the National Rifle Association lobby to create sensible and sane gun control in this country.  

If you have to have license to drive a car which includes driver’s education training and specialized insurance why not for those who want to carry a gun or hunt?  I know there is fingerprinting and a waiting period in most states.  But not for bullets. And you can even buy them online as the shooter who gunned down people in a movie theatre in Colorado did just a few months ago.

Today I heard a 3rd grader describing what he saw including bullets whizzing by him in his school.  I can only imagine the real shock that he is in and the aftermath he will face in his nightmares.

Keep all of those families, children, victims, the injured and the dead in your prayers tonight.