Greetings from Jerusalem

Shalom from Jerusalem.  It is Sunday Morning and I finally made it to my Winter Session of the Rabbinic Leadership Initiative at the Machon Shalom Hartman.  This session we are discussion everything from conversion and intermarriage to the increasing gender divide in the Charedi community. We will be dealing with the Israel-Iran question and updates…Read more »

Rabban Yochanan Ben Zakkai

Here is a wonderful story of redemption for Tisha B’av Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai Saves Torah Annette Labovitz The three-year Roman siege of Yerushalayim portended doom for Jewish nationalism. The inhabitants of the Holy City were divided; some were wearied from the hopelessness of the situation; others, although refusing to surrender, fought among themselves. Hunger…Read more »

Reimagining Tisha B’av

I am so excited to be back on the bima!  After a meaningful and study filled Sabbatical in Israel I am looking forward to celebrating Shabbat with my Kol Ami community! This Shabbat is Shabbat Chazon, the Sabbath prior to Tisha B’Av (This coming Monday eve and Tuesday).  Tisha B’Av (the 9th of Av) commemorates…Read more »

Jerusalem bomb blast

My heart aches for Jerusalem.  A bombing attack on Wednesday.  Echoes of the Intifada when bus bombings happened all the time.  Let’s pray this is an isolated event. But with the increase in mortar shells on the Negev and Southern coastal Israel and the interception of a boat on March 16 from Iran with weapons…Read more »

Only in Israel

So after the plane ride and waiting more than hour at the airport in line to deal with cell phone issues (yes Bruchim Habaim to Israel and bureaucracy) I got settled in my apartment.  It is right on the Katamon/German Colony/Greek Colony border!  I meet the agent a lovely chap from Melbourne who made aliyah many years ago. …Read more »