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Only in Israel

So after the plane ride and waiting more than hour at the airport in line to deal with cell phone issues (yes Bruchim Habaim to Israel and bureaucracy) I got settled in my apartment.  It is right on the Katamon/German Colony/Greek Colony border! 

I meet the agent a lovely chap from Melbourne who made aliyah many years ago.  Even was president of his shul there.   He walked me through the details of my rental. 

And so after unpacking I thought a little neighborhood orientation was in order.  After all I needed to lay in a few food supplies as Shabbat will be here soon enough plus I am particular about my breakfast! (egg whites with some cheese if you must know!)  So out I go–down n my street, around the corner and down that street and as I hit the roundabout–a voice calls out from a car–“Girl are you lost?”  I was startled for sure but looked up to see good friends from San Diego who have an apartment here and it was clear I was very close to their digs!  I knew they would be here at this time-I just didn’t think my own place would be so close. And I mean around the corner. 

So on my first afternoon I got to see friends from California and have a great lunch at Mamilla Mall with them.  Only in Israel does this every happen to me!!!! Only here!

And no I haven’t slept yet.  But I did grocery shop, walk through the neighborhood a lot, sit in a café, and I did what you are supposed to do on Sabbatical. I have already read two books! One for sure has much to teach and share about. And I will do so at a later date. 

That is the news from Jerusalem.  All is quiet here on this first day of July.  The tourists are here-busses going from place to place.  Which gives the serious issues that play them selves out here in this modern, but ancient land a surreal cast. I am sure more will be revealed in the days and weeks ahead.  But in the mean time it is good to be home –only in Israel!

4 thoughts on “Only in Israel”

  1. If you must know, I called out, “Hey Lady, are you lost?” So glad we bumped into you and btw, welcome to the hood. Looking forward to bumping into you often and having you over for a home made Shabbat meal, even if made by some girls from San Diego.

  2. Great to hear you made it to your apt. in Israel safe and sound. Study and hard and enjoy your Sabbatical. We hope you continue to post periodically from the ground and can provide some perspectice on the political situation as well.

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