New York LGBT Center re-treats

We prevailed and helped ISRAEL. Read this release from the LGBT CENTER IN NEW YORK CITY: HE LGBT COMMUNITY CENTER CALLS A “TIME OUT” IN RENTING TO GROUPS ORGANIZING AROUND THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT THU, JUNE 2 2011 Media Contact Cindi Creager, Director of Communications & Marketing (212) 620-7310,¬† New York, NY June 2, 2011¬†— The…Read more »

Do Not Lie about Gay Rights in Israel

Shame on the LGBT Center in New York City. They have chosen lies over truth. ¬†Recently the LGBT Center in New York hosted a group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. This group is part of a larger campaign to malign and delegitmize Israel. Earlier this spring the Center refused to let them meet. But they…Read more »