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Do Not Lie about Gay Rights in Israel

Shame on the LGBT Center in New York City. They have chosen lies over truth.  Recently the LGBT Center in New York hosted a group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. This group is part of a larger campaign to malign and delegitmize Israel. Earlier this spring the Center refused to let them meet. But they caved recently and let this Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israeli group gather and spread their lies about Israel.  Israel does need to work harder to create a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis.  But this group is focused not on peace making but the destruction of Israel. This group continues to call for Boycotts and Sanctions against Israel.  But do they call out Hamas, a known terrorist group that refuses to recognize Israel-rains thousands of rockets on the city of S’derot and is committed to Israel’s destruction–NO THEY DO NOT.

This group is very misguided.  They absolutely do not understand the Middle East and that Palestine is no friend of gay people.  I have written so many letters asking for refugee status for queer Palestinians who flee the terrorism of  the Palestinian Authority.  Gay people, Trans People, Lesbians are an anathema to the Palestinian government.  They seek the peace and freedom and safety of Israel and fear for their lives in Palestine.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has civil rights for gay people. That allows adoption. That recognizes our marriages performed in other jurisdictions. That allows gay people to serve openly-that courts gay tourists! That funds LGBT centers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!!!!!

Try that in Saudi Arabia or Egypt let alone Ramallah or Gaza City.

Not happening.

So what is wrong with the LGBT Center of New York that they would allow such a group to meet in its space.

Call and protest.

Glennda Testone

Executive Director of the LGBT Center



Mario Palumbo

President of the Center board