To Eat or Not to Eat: Kitnyot that is!

Every year at Passover the great debate rages: to eat kitniyot or not.  Kitniyot are a classification of food that Jews of Ashkenazi descent (European) do not eat and Sephardic  Jews (Mediterranean) do eat them.  For example, Ashkenazi Jews would not eat rice on Passover and yet, Jews from Morroco, Spain, or Turkey would absolutely…Read more »

Some are still Slaves

Wishing all a wonderful Pesach.  I hope the journey from slavery toward freedom brings you hope and renewal.   For some people in our world today they are slaves. They “belong” to another human being.  Slavery exists in 21st century sadly.  Passover comes to remind us that if one person is not free then we…Read more »

Passover Prep

Yesterday was Rosh Chodesh Nissan and Shabbat HaChodesh.  That means Passover is just two week’s away!  The food displays have been appearing for some while already. But now it is time to get serious about your Passover prep.  Where will you have seder? If you haven’t ever thought about hosting one perhaps this is the…Read more »

7 or 8

Today is the last day of Pesach.  The Torah tells us to celebrate Passover for seven days.    Reform Jews and all Israeli Jews will observe the Biblical number of days.  Yet every year there are questions about the “correct” number of days to observe Passover. Conservative and Orthodox Jews outside of Israel add an…Read more »

Waiting Jews

Passover Rabbi Denise L. Eger This week we celebrate the amazing festival of Passover!  The special Torah reading for this week’s Shabbat is Ex 33:12-34:26.   Each day of the festival there are special readings from Exodus and Leviticus and Numbers that focus on Passover, the paschal offering and the observance of Passover in the Bible…Read more »

Kitniot or not?

Passover is a week a way. And it is time to get those favorite family recipes down and start the cleaning, planning and preparing!  One of the things I always loved about Passover is the creativity it takes in the kitchen.  I do have to admit since I embraced a low carb life a couple…Read more »