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Passover Prep

Yesterday was Rosh Chodesh Nissan and Shabbat HaChodesh.  That means Passover is just two week’s away!  The food displays have been appearing for some while already. But now it is time to get serious about your Passover prep.  Where will you have seder? If you haven’t ever thought about hosting one perhaps this is the year!  Perhaps it is time to DIY! Do It Yourself.

It’s really not that hard-a nice dinner party!  If your apartment or condo doesn’t have room for a sit down dinner consider sitting on the floor-how authentic.  Much like the Israelites when they were in the desert for for forty years.  They observed the Passover meal by eating with their whole family but I hardly think it was around a formal dining table!

There are many Haggadot to choose from and many are easily downloaded from the internet.  Beware however because there are lots of Jews for Jesus or Messianic Jewish texts out there that try to trick you into thinking this is an authentic Haggadah.  Try or to find a haggadah or parts of a haggadah that you might want to use in your own seder.

The most important part of the seder is to tell the story.  Tell it your way.  Tell it with creativity.  Add your voice to our tradition. Unless your journey is part of the Passover party it isn’t complete.  Happy Passover and Happy Passover Prep!