My heart is moved

It has taken me a few days to write about the unfolding events in Ferguson and now NYC.  My heart has been so broken and saddened.  Having grown up in the deep South I know there is a definite undercurrent of racism in our country. I have seen it.  Memphis the place where Dr. King was murdered…Read more »

Winning Isn’t Everything

Los Angeles is in a winning frenzy and it isn’t even award season!  Los Angeles teams, the Kings, Ducks and the Clippers are battling in their respective sports ‘ playoffs. Even if you are not a great basketball or hockey fan you can’t escape the determination and grit that these players show during each game. …Read more »

#Oscar Whiteness

So the Oscars have been given out for another year.  While I loved Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady I thought that the Academy once again showed it to be the realm of white men.  Most of the members of the Academy are white men.  And with the exception of a very few, the Oscars…Read more »