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#Oscar Whiteness

So the Oscars have been given out for another year.  While I loved Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady I thought that the Academy once again showed it to be the realm of white men.  Most of the members of the Academy are white men.  And with the exception of a very few, the Oscars went to white men.

I know you are thinking:  ” But what about best supporting actress  Octavia Spencer  and what about the Pakistani woman who won for the best documentary  “Saving Face”?”.  And what about the Latino man nominated for best actor Demian Bichir from Mexico and of course what about Viola Davis who was nominated for best actress?

But the truth is it’ s a white man game. Hollywood it is time to wake up.  Where are the producers of color?  Where are the Asian sound engineers?  Where are writers and songwriters and special effects crews with diversity? Time for  Hollywood to think ahead and think about the changing global world we live in.   The diversity of America is certainly not reflected in the films and it seems not behind the scenes either.

The Oscar statuette might be Gold colored.  But to me it was basically all white.