Can you spare a dime?

Hurricane Sandy made herself known.  But it will take a lot more than dimes to help put the east coast back together again. After several days people are still without power and food and gasoline.  Even as the power companies race to put the electric power back on line.  It is cold at night.  Shelters…Read more »


Yes that is the title of a John Lennon song.  But it is also what I am doing here in Lake Las Vegas over this Shabbat weekend. I am attending the Union for Reform Judaism Board of Trustees meeting.  We are imagining the future of Reform Judaism and the Union.  What might it look like…Read more »

Iran as Nuclear Power

Iran continues to come closer and closer to the threshold that will make it a nuclear nation. It has successfully used its diplomacy of pretending to negotiate with the West while secretly moving its program forward. They might give in for a while but then go back to their old games-content with a two steps…Read more »