Sabbatical has arrived

I am looking ahead! Sabbatical begins this coming week.  I am so blessed that my congregation understands the need for rabbinic renewal. I just completed my 23rd year in the pulpit.  And it has been a challenging 23 years.  A good leader is a reflective leader and my time on Sabbatical helps me to grow,…Read more »

The Sanctity of the land

Parshat Behar/Yom Haatzmaut Leviticus 25:1-26:2 Parshat Behar teaches us about the cycles of the land. Specifically it teaches about the sabbatical year and the Jubilee year.  These are cycles of land rest every seventh year and every fiftieth year.  Just like Shabbat each week, the seventh day, when human beings and work animals are to…Read more »

Only in Israel

So after the plane ride and waiting more than hour at the airport in line to deal with cell phone issues (yes Bruchim Habaim to Israel and bureaucracy) I got settled in my apartment.  It is right on the Katamon/German Colony/Greek Colony border!  I meet the agent a lovely chap from Melbourne who made aliyah many years ago. …Read more »