To Eat or Not to Eat: Kitnyot that is!

Every year at Passover the great debate rages: to eat kitniyot or not.  Kitniyot are a classification of food that Jews of Ashkenazi descent (European) do not eat and Sephardic  Jews (Mediterranean) do eat them.  For example, Ashkenazi Jews would not eat rice on Passover and yet, Jews from Morroco, Spain, or Turkey would absolutely…Read more »

Passover Prep

Yesterday was Rosh Chodesh Nissan and Shabbat HaChodesh.  That means Passover is just two week’s away!  The food displays have been appearing for some while already. But now it is time to get serious about your Passover prep.  Where will you have seder? If you haven’t ever thought about hosting one perhaps this is the…Read more »

Human Traffic

Tonight Jews will sit down to the Seder meal.  The service at the table will try to bring about order out of the chaos of slavery.  The story of the Exodus is nothing short of a creation story. It is the creation of the Jewish people. The word Seder means order.  And while there is…Read more »