Miracles Abound!

Parshat Beshallach Exodus 13:17-17:16 Miracles abound!  This week’ Torah portion Parshat Beshallach is filled with miracles.  Not only are the Children of Israel finally on their way toward freedom, God parts the sea for them, finishes Pharaoh and his army, and ensures the survival of the Israelites! Yes indeed miracles, abound.  The army of the Pharaoh is…Read more »

The Ten Commandments Round 2

Parshat V’Etchanan Deuteronomy  3:23 -7:11 Rabbi Denise L. Eger       This week’s Shabbat is known as Shabbat Nachamu- the Sabbath of Comfort or Consolation because it is the Shabbat that follows Tisha B’av.  Its name comes from the Haftarah portion from Isaiah which begins, “Nachamu Nachamu et ami… Comfort, Comfort My People.  The…Read more »

Oneness today and every day

Thinking today about the Shema prayer.  It is in this week’s portion, Veetchanan in Deuteronomy.  Hear O Israel Adonai is Your God, Adonai is One.  These words have guided and shaped the Jewish people.  These words  form some of my earliest childhood memories -as my parents taught me to say the Shema every night before…Read more »