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Oneness today and every day

Thinking today about the Shema prayer.  It is in this week’s portion, Veetchanan in Deuteronomy.  Hear O Israel Adonai is Your God, Adonai is One.  These words have guided and shaped the Jewish people.  These words  form some of my earliest childhood memories -as my parents taught me to say the Shema every night before I went to bed. (and I still do).  The Shema prayer reminds us especially when we are scattered that God is One and we are one with God.  We are in union and communion with Adonai.

Humanity and the Divine.  Heavenly Realm and Earthly Realm.  The Shema is a statement of our belief and faith in the Unity of the Holy One and our eternal relationship with God.  Today again like every day I affirm my faith.  Shema Yisrael……