Winning Isn’t Everything

Los Angeles is in a winning frenzy and it isn’t even award season!  Los Angeles teams, the Kings, Ducks and the Clippers are battling in their respective sports ‘ playoffs. Even if you are not a great basketball or hockey fan you can’t escape the determination and grit that these players show during each game. …Read more »


I resisted all week. But cannot do so any longer! Baseball Season is here!! Hooray!   Pitchers and catchers reported this week to Florida and Arizona.  And the actual spring training games begin in the coming week.   And so we are off! PLAY BALL! The races begin in earnest as our reconfigured teams get…Read more »

Opening Day Hooray!

Hooray! Yesterday was Opening Day for Major League Baseball. The Yankees and the Red Sox initiated the 2010 season with last night’s game. (Wasn’t that something to see Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline”?Although Steve Tyler of Aerosmith singing “God Bless America at the seventh inning stretch left poor Kate Smith spinning in her grave!)   Today the…Read more »