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Opening Day Hooray!

Hooray! Yesterday was Opening Day for Major League Baseball. The Yankees and the Red Sox initiated the 2010 season with last night’s game. (Wasn’t that something to see Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline”?Although Steve Tyler of Aerosmith singing “God Bless America at the seventh inning stretch left poor Kate Smith spinning in her grave!)  

Today the rest of the teams begin!  I have waited impatiently since the World Series ended to watch “the boys of summer” back on the diamond.  I waited through trades and free agent negotiations and Spring Training. (Although I am always buoyed by my trip to the Cactus League which brings some relief!) But when the first pitch goes out for the Season-well that means the world is that much more perfect.

Even though I am lucky enough to watch my own son play ball year round and it is always baseball in our house, when the major leaguers start-up the world seems better to me. More balanced. More interesting.  To see David Ortiz “Big Papi” go up against big CC Sabathia–those two giants staring each other down is a battle beyond bat and ball. It is a battle of the psyche.  A battle of will.

Watching the game in historic Fenway is always a treat.  I only went once to Fenway but it was a magical experience.  I did get to go to the Old Yankee Stadium during the last season the Yanks played there too.  I made the pilgrimage with my son and we visited the memorials as well.  I haven’t been to the new one yet. But someday. 

My Angels play the Twins today for their opener in Anaheim.  I know this is going to be a rebuilding year for my Angels.  With Chone and Vladi and Lackey now part of Angel history we Angel fans will have to be patient as Scoscia trains up a new generation with Brandon Wood and Howie Kendrick to lead the way.  Even as the Angels brought in Matsui to be the DH it will be a year we have to be patient I think.  I do believe in my Angels and I do believe in the master manager-Mike Scoscia who can bring a team together like no other manager in the Major Leagues.  So let’s hope he can work his magic.  Whatever the outcome –I am just so happy.

Opening Day is Here.  162 games per club–2,430 games!  (And that doesn’t count the playoffs!)  Hooray!

Today is the sixth day of counting the Omer.

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  1. Hi Rabbi!
    Are the Dodgers going to have Jewish community night again this summer? Are we going? Even if they aren’t, can we have our own Kol Ami night? That would be awesome!

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