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I resisted all week. But cannot do so any longer! Baseball Season is here!! Hooray!   Pitchers and catchers reported this week to Florida and Arizona.  And the actual spring training games begin in the coming week.   And so we are off! PLAY BALL!

The races begin in earnest as our reconfigured teams get used to their new players.  My sweet Angels bid adieu to Hideki Matsui.  Thank goodness.  He was in my opinion uninspiring.  My Angels still don’t have their lead-off guy settled and they traded my favorite catcher–Mr. Napoli to the Blue Jays with Juan Rivera for Vernon Wells.  I am holding my breath cause Wells’ numbers don’t add up to their numbers.

So I am not sure what Moreno and company are thinking.  Feels like they are not thinking.  Yikes.

Position players report today and every one else will be joining together by tomorrow.

So I am excited by the beginning of the 2011 season. (Remember the All-Star game will be in Phoenix this year).  But let’s hope my Angels settle down early.

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