Stop the Gun Violence

The Gun Violence has got to stop.  The latest cold blooded murders of the 2 Roanoke, Virginia reporters is yet another heartbreaking example of why we must assert more control of the selling and ownership of guns in this country.  It is out of hand.  From Charleston, to Aurora,  Trayvon Martin, and Sandy Hook the…Read more »

Gifts of Baseball

This past weekend I actually got to watch two innings of a BASEBALL game.  Yes spring Training games are underway.  I am thrilled.  I admit the game that I watched (which was a late night rerun of a game played on Shabbat) was between the Rockies and the Diamondbacks.  Cactus League.  Neither are my favorite…Read more »


I resisted all week. But cannot do so any longer! Baseball Season is here!! Hooray!   Pitchers and catchers reported this week to Florida and Arizona.  And the actual spring training games begin in the coming week.   And so we are off! PLAY BALL! The races begin in earnest as our reconfigured teams get…Read more »

Post Season Joy

The Playoffs are rockin’ in earnest.  Halliday’s no-hitter. Lincecum’s 14k’s.  The Yankees usual dominance. The post season of Major League Baseball is in literally full swing. I have to say a bit wistfully I don’t know really who to cheer for.   I do own a Yankees hat.  But that’s the only one of the…Read more »