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Da’ Bruins #Omaha

I thought it would never ever happen but I rooted for da’ Bruins.   As you know I am a Trojan fan. USC. My blood runs cardinal and gold.   Yes even with NCAA sanctions in place my Trojans are part and parcel of who I am.  Even at the gym the other day when I was wearing my 2007 Rose Bowl Championship and the cute guy sharing the lat pull says to me: “Is that the year they have to give back?”  I reply: “Yes, but we don’t have to give the t-shirts back!”  Because I don’t want to be separated from my Trojan wear!

But watching the College World Series of Baseball in Omaha, Nebraska-I will confess I have been rooting for UCLA.  Don’t tell my friend “M”.  She doesn’t read my blog (not a plugged in type) and she would never believe that I rooted for her Bruins.   They played really well so far.  Last night beating TCU 6-3.  Their pitcher Gerrit Cole had 13 strikeouts.   It was art. Even if they were wearing powder blue and gold.  He is a local boy from Newport Beach and in 2008 was a first round draft pick of the Yankees but opted to go to UCLA instead.  And Bruin fans should be glad he did.  He is one of the reasons this team is in the CWS.

My Trojans aren’t in the CWS this time. But the other Pac -10 team I have been rooting for is Arizona State.  I am partial to their baseball team (only) because my son loves them so and dreams of playing for their program. We always go to ASU games when we visit Spring training in March. They lost one game to Clemson and now have to fight back to avoid elimination at the CWS.  But they can do it. They were the number 1 seed.  A very talented team.

So Bravo to ASU and yes, to UCLA on their great baseball teams this years. 

I guess rooting for these other colleges is practice for the spring of 2013 when my son God willing (and he passes summer school) will play for some other school than my Trojans.