Day 19 Splendor and Beauty

Today Yom Haaztmaut -Israel’s Independence Day! The renewal of the Jewish homeland in our life time!!!! It is also the 19th day of counting the Omer. Today we also think about the attributes of hod b’tiferet. Hod is splendor and majesty. Tiferet is balance and beauty. The splendor and majestic beauty of Israel is the…Read more »

The Balance of Power and Strength

Two weeks and Two days-that is how long we have been counting.  For 16 days we have been working on spiritual repair and correction.  First within ourselves and then carrying that tikkun into the world.  This period of reflection between Pesach and Shavuot are marked with spiritual preparation and purification in order that when we…Read more »

Eternity in Lovingkindness

The future is unknown. But today is day four of the Omer and teaches us Netzach b’Chesed: Eternity, perseverance with loving-kindness.  We can’t know the future, we can try and control its outcome but the truth is that it is beyond our control.  We can ultimately only control our own actions and reactions.  Netzach b’Chesed reminds us…Read more »