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The Balance of Power and Strength

Two weeks and Two days-that is how long we have been counting.  For 16 days we have been working on spiritual repair and correction.  First within ourselves and then carrying that tikkun into the world.  This period of reflection between Pesach and Shavuot are marked with spiritual preparation and purification in order that when we stand at Mt. Sinai we are ready to receive the revelation in its fullness. It will mean that we can see and understand and know the glory of God that revels the truth of Torah and history to us.

Today we reflect on Gevurah sheb’Tiferet  Might and strength within Balance and Compassion.  Today is a reminder that our strength and absolute power must be mitigated by compassion.  Today is a reminder that absolute power and strength can be destructive and so we must use this day to learn the balance of our power and authority.  This can make change in a more authentic and spiritual way.  All this week each of the sephirot are located in the sephira of Tiferet.  Tiferet connects all the sephirot and is at the core of the Tree of Knowledge.  This beautiful and balanced ideal helps bring out the various sephirot in a safe and beautiful way.  Tiferet balance Compassion and Strength.  Try that today.