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Day 19 Splendor and Beauty

Today Yom Haaztmaut -Israel’s Independence Day! The renewal of the Jewish homeland in our life time!!!! It is also the 19th day of counting the Omer. Today we also think about the attributes of hod b’tiferet. Hod is splendor and majesty. Tiferet is balance and beauty. The splendor and majestic beauty of Israel is the focus for today. I imagine Mt. Hermon covered in snow. I imagine the sparkling Dead Sea surrounded by the hot desert. I imagine the beautiful sunset on the shores of the Mediterranean near Netanya. I imagine the glorious colors of sandstone at the Machtesh in Mizpeh Ramon. I imagine green valley of the Galill and the rushing waters of the Banyas Spring at Tel Dan. I imagine the jumping playful dolphins of Red Sea in Eilat. I imagine the beauty of Haifa and the glint of the sun on the Bahai Temple surrounded by its glorious gardens. Today we celebrate the Magestic Splendor and Beauty of Israel.