Rockets Red Glare

Once again the Rockets are blasting Israel. More than 190 rockets have rained down upon Israel. For the second day in a row schools are closed and people have been hunkered down in bomb shelters from Beer Sheva to Ashdod and Ashkelon even to Risho L’Tzion which is a suburb of Tel Aviv.  27 missiles have been…Read more »

We need Shabbat Peace

With Shabbat soon here-let us pray for a respite from the terror that struck Israel yesterday.  More than 15 rockets hit southern Israel following the terrorist attacks against Israel in Eilat yesterday.  8 people died in the shootings in Eilat including army officers.  The rocket attacks injured two people seriously and others were treated for…Read more »

Jerusalem bomb blast

My heart aches for Jerusalem.  A bombing attack on Wednesday.  Echoes of the Intifada when bus bombings happened all the time.  Let’s pray this is an isolated event. But with the increase in mortar shells on the Negev and Southern coastal Israel and the interception of a boat on March 16 from Iran with weapons…Read more »