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Rockets Red Glare

Once again the Rockets are blasting Israel. More than 190 rockets have rained down upon Israel. For the second day in a row schools are closed and people have been hunkered down in bomb shelters from Beer Sheva to Ashdod and Ashkelon even to Risho L’Tzion which is a suburb of Tel Aviv.  27 missiles have been intercepted by the anti ballistic missle system, Iron Dome which was a collaborative effort between the US and Israeli military .

Israel responds to protect its citizenry.  Hamas cries foul.  But they do nothing to stop the attacks by militant groups.  They wring their hands publicly but secretly laugh and snicker and encourage these missile attacks and have assisted these radical Islamic terrorist groups to attain and build these weapons with Iranian help.

Hamas claims it is in control of Gaza.  If it is in control then they need to police their own.  Why doesn’t the world ask them to police their own?  Because it is easier to blame Israel.  But Israel left Gaza.  Hamas was elected there but they do nothing to crack down and help move the situation toward the peace agreement that the Palestinians and Israel so desperately need.

Hamas exploits Israel’s defense of its citizens with David and Goliath imagery.  But Iran is paying the tab- make no mistake.  And Hamas can claim it is not them but other groups.  Even as Hamas tries to enter into a unity government with the Fatah faction of Mahmoud Abbas that controls the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

The Arab League, Egypt, and the world community must tell Hamas they must stop the rocket attacks.  For as long as Israel is under daily seige the move toward any real peace is put asunder. (But I think this is part of Hamas’ strategy).  More later.