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Will Abbas’ declaration at the UN really matter?

Today is Kaf Tet b’November  or the 29th of November. 65 years ago the UN declared a partition in Palestine giving birth to Israel and Jordan.  Now Mahmmoud Abbas is at the UN on this same day 65 years later to try a declare Palestinian statehood although not full membership.  Hmmmm. Did he just choose that date as a co-incidence?  Or the powers at the UN?  Hmmmm.

The truth is that he is Israel’s best hope for a negotiating partner.  Hamas is nothing more than a puppet of Iran. The missiles and rockets used in the latest round of exchanges before the ceasefire were Iranian weaponry smuggled into Gaza.  What we saw and Israel experienced was another round in the escalation of the coming war between Iran and Israel.   And all this was nothing but a distraction for Iran to pump up its production of weapons grade uranium.  They came closer to a nuclear Iran while the world worried about Israel and Gaza and Syria. And the U.S was still dealing with the aftermath of its election.

And now this.

Bibi needs to sit down soon. And so does Abbas before he is made completely irrelevant.

Declaration by the U.N. may make headlines and the countries who will vote in favor of Palestinian upgrade in their membership at the U.N. as France has said it would-will do little to change the facts on the ground or day to day life for the Palestinian people.

That is why negotiations without pre-conditions should be entered into immediately on both side.

The UN can vote all it wants…the reality is that for the average Palestinian no matter where she lives-in Ramallah or Gaza City nothing will change.

And that’s the saddest part of all.