A New York State of Mind

WOW! New York did it.  What a wonderful weekend of Gay Pride in New York and San Francisco too.  Marriage Equality is a reality in New York State.  Bravo to Governor Cuomo.  And we who advocate for marriage equality ought to say thank you and take note of the courage it took many of the…Read more »

C’mon New York

C’mon New York-let’s have a win for marriage equality! This week the State Assembly of New York passed a marriage equality bill. They voted for the Marriage Equality Act 80 – 63.  Gov. Cuomo (Andrew not Mario) has been campaigning for it and many prominent New Yorkers are speaking out in favor of Marriage Equality…Read more »

Help New York

Are you a New Yorker? Former New Yorker? Know someone who lives in New York?  You can be a part of history by pushing for Marriage Equality there. The Governor, Andrew Cuomo has been pushing hard to get a Marriage Equality bill through the New York Legislature. But there is opposition especially from upstate Republicans…Read more »