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C’mon New York

C’mon New York-let’s have a win for marriage equality! This week the State Assembly of New York passed a marriage equality bill. They voted for the Marriage Equality Act 80 – 63.  Gov. Cuomo (Andrew not Mario) has been campaigning for it and many prominent New Yorkers are speaking out in favor of Marriage Equality including New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg! But now it is up to the State Senate.  And the Republicans are reluctant to schedule the vote. The Catholic Church and New YorkArchbishop Timothy Dolan who is the National President for the US Council of Bishops  have been outspoken opponents of Marriage Equality in New York and because of the high number of Catholic legislators, he has been having great influence in holding up proceedings.  Dolan tries to distinguish between his opposition to marriage equality and discrimination against gay folks. But when you deny the civil right to protect your partner legally then it is discrimination dear Archbishop!

So far 31 Senators are on the record as supporting marriage equality. However to pass the bill they need 32 votes! Just one shy–C’mon New York.