Letter to the THE TASK FORCE

(I haven’t written yet about the fiasco at the NGLTF’s Creating Change ’16 Conference in Chicago last week). I am frankly still processing the outrageous Antisemitism displayed there and the lack of The Task Force’s ability to create safe space.  There is much to be said about what happened. But here is a letter sent…Read more »

Do Not Lie about Gay Rights in Israel

Shame on the LGBT Center in New York City. They have chosen lies over truth.  Recently the LGBT Center in New York hosted a group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. This group is part of a larger campaign to malign and delegitmize Israel. Earlier this spring the Center refused to let them meet. But they…Read more »

Jerusalem bomb blast

My heart aches for Jerusalem.  A bombing attack on Wednesday.  Echoes of the Intifada when bus bombings happened all the time.  Let’s pray this is an isolated event. But with the increase in mortar shells on the Negev and Southern coastal Israel and the interception of a boat on March 16 from Iran with weapons…Read more »

Who will be the next to recognize an independent Palestinian state? – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

This is an article from Ha-aretz. One of Israel’s leading paper.  The Palestinian state on the ground is being recognized by nations. Including Russia.  Even without borders that have been agreed upon. Even without security zone negotiations. Even without dealing with the Gaza/Hamas situation. The Palestinian (read West Bank) leaders are moving forward to try…Read more »