Where Have I been

Dear Friends and Readers I have been a bit AWOL as 2015 begins.  That’s because I have been busier than ever! Kol Ami is growing and program-wise thriving!  Our building is getting refreshed and I am so exicited.  Here is the an article that appeared in WEHOVILLE  about the amazing refurbishing and renewal at Kol…Read more »

Miracles Abound!

Parshat Beshallach Exodus 13:17-17:16 Miracles abound!  This week’ Torah portion Parshat Beshallach is filled with miracles.  Not only are the Children of Israel finally on their way toward freedom, God parts the sea for them, finishes Pharaoh and his army, and ensures the survival of the Israelites! Yes indeed miracles, abound.  The army of the Pharaoh is…Read more »

Beautiful Shabbat

Shabbat Shalom World.  Day of Beauty-tiferet, Day of Above all other days! Malchut sheb’tiferet.  Ruling in beauty. That is today.  Twenty days of the Omer.  Sweet Shabbat most beautiful of other days-day of union and rest and renewal. 

The End and a Beginning

Parshat Vaykheil-Pekude Exodus 35:1 – 40:38   This week’s Parasha continues with the recounting of the building of the Mishkan.  In Parshat Terumah  and Parshat Tetzaveh, the instructions and designs are revealed to Moses.  And tradition states that in our portions this week, the plans are executed.  Moses now tells the Children of Israel of…Read more »

Calypso #Chanukah

Don’t forget tonight is the fourth candle!  Celebrate with me and Kol Ami at Hollywood & Highland in the main courtyard-Calypso Shabbat Chanukah!  It will be an amazing Shabbat Chanukah experience.   We begin the festivities at 6 pm….  Hollywood & Highland is at 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Afterwards dinner at BOHO!

It was an Ipad Shabbat

This past Shabbat we had Ipad Shabbat!  I encouraged members to download the new iT’filah app from CCAR Press. (click here to download from itunes) This is an app for Ipad that contains the Shabbat evening Service from The Reform Movement Siddur, Mishkan T’filah.   I led services from my Ipad and several congregants brought…Read more »

Exasperated Parenting

For all the exasperated parents of teenagers-me included here is a Shabbat prayer: Dear God Grant me patience, kindness and understanding. Grant me patience, kindness and understanding. When I am ready to lose my cool help me remember to count to ten and remember that little bundle I carried in those first few weeks. Help…Read more »

We need Shabbat Peace

With Shabbat soon here-let us pray for a respite from the terror that struck Israel yesterday.  More than 15 rockets hit southern Israel following the terrorist attacks against Israel in Eilat yesterday.  8 people died in the shootings in Eilat including army officers.  The rocket attacks injured two people seriously and others were treated for…Read more »