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Shabbat in Israel -Peace Descending

Shabbat Shalom from Israel! It is beautiful here in Jerusalem. Perhaps even a little chilly on this first Shabbat! Coming to Israel always feels like home.  Increasingly each time I land here and make my way through the streets of Jerusalem I feel more like I belong. It is not just the familiarity with streets.  It is the overwhelming pride of seeing this thriving place. Filled with the hustle and bustle of Jewish life.  I am not talking about just religious life.  I am talking about the full spectrum of the life of Jews-from the most secular to the most observant and everything in between.

I always call my Jerusalem family first thing upon landing. Both my family of choice and my biological family. Touching base with them is like the biggest hug in the world.
I so look forward to Shabbat dinner with my family!

Yes there is a peace that descends upon Jerusalem.  The amount of traffic slows to a trickle and families are gathered around dinner tables.  Shabbat candles flicker in the windows of the apartments.  But the real peace of Shabbat comes in my heart and in my soul.

Shabbat Shalom

2 thoughts on “Shabbat in Israel -Peace Descending”

  1. Thnx 4 that post – i can relate on some level – i remember how wonderful it was when we approached Jerusalem the 1st time on Shabbat & saw the clock counting down the hrs till it began – never seen anything like thst – it made me feel proud 2 be Jewish in a way ive never felt b4 – the 1st time i was ever in the majority – not being in a Christian dominated world / so amazing – Shabbat Shalom xo

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