The Balance of Power and Strength

Two weeks and Two days-that is how long we have been counting.  For 16 days we have been working on spiritual repair and correction.  First within ourselves and then carrying that tikkun into the world.  This period of reflection between Pesach and Shavuot are marked with spiritual preparation and purification in order that when we…Read more »

Sounds of Torah

Shavuot/Parshat Behaalotecha Numbers 8:1 -12:16   This week we celebrate Shavuot-the Feast of Weeks. For the last seven weeks since Pesach we have journeyed through the wilderness to arrive now at the foot of Mt. Sinai and we once again receive the miracle of Torah.  I call this the miracle of Torah because each year…Read more »

Jewish Roots of Christianity

If you haven’t made plans yet for the festival of Shavuot evening-come study Torah with us at Kol Ami.  This year our Scholar in Residence for our Tikkyn Leyl Shavuot- is Dr. Rabbi Joshua Garroway. Dr. Garroway is an assistant Professor at our Reform Seminary, Hebrew Union College. His specialty is early Christianity and the…Read more »