The Real Turkey

As America prepares for its Feast on Thanksgiving I am struck by the frenzy that is always a part of this week. The rush of cars to the airport to travel far and wide to reunite with friends and family.  The rush at the grocery store to pick up the goods for “The Meal”.  …Read more »

The Occupy Movement.

I haven’t written much yet about Occupy Wall Street and the growing movement across the country and the globe.  But it is clear that these protests have begun to touch a deep chord in American.  People are fed up. I know when I talk to congregants of every economic level. They are worried and scared.…Read more »

Tax Planning

November has arrived.  This reminds me that there are only two months left in the calendar year 2011.  And that means time to make sure you are taking full advantage of the tax deduction for charitable giving.  Have you helped a non-profit this year?  Have you made your donations?  Have you given generously?  More than…Read more »

Budgets and Morality

The budget is still an issue. Both the state budget and the national budget.  With all of the news still dissecting the Osama bin Laden raid and what Pakistan knew and didn’t know, the focus on the budget and budget negotiations has disappeared. But the Republicans in Washington are still attacking the basics of a…Read more »