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The Real Turkey

As America prepares for its Feast on Thanksgiving I am struck by the frenzy that is always a part of this week. The rush of cars to the airport to travel far and wide to reunite with friends and family.  The rush at the grocery store to pick up the goods for “The Meal”.   The rush at work to get done everything that needs to happen in a short week.  Oh my goodness the air is electric with hurried lives.

But the real frenzy should be political this week. The failure of the Super Committee to come up with anything at all. Should have all of us in frenzy and in the streets.  It shows how broken our system is.  How entrenched everyone is in their own rhetoric.  And how many diversions political candidates want to create so the attention is not on solving our country’s problems but trying to gain the media spotlight.  This should cause all of us great worry in these fragile times.   This process is the real turkey… and this is the real frenzy.

So many people are scared. So many people are still out of work.  So many people have had their homes foreclosed on.  So many people are on public assistance.  I fear greatly what these automatic cuts will mean.  And what the inattention of Congress to sane and civil discourse and planning will do to what’s left of our economy.

So this Thanksgiving day-amid all your rushing around. Send the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader your Turkey Gram.   Tell them its time.  Tell them to work together.  Tell them you aren’t going to take this any more.   They are the turkeys and they have created this panic in our nation and in the markets, and in our lives.

Time has come to put them aside and work for the good of our nation and all of the American people.