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The Occupy Movement.

I haven’t written much yet about Occupy Wall Street and the growing movement across the country and the globe.  But it is clear that these protests have begun to touch a deep chord in American.  People are fed up. I know when I talk to congregants of every economic level. They are worried and scared. Whether at the top or those who are unemployed and underemployed everyone feels strangled and at the mercy of the politicians who only have election fever.


No one it seems is for trying to fix the economy.  No one is taking on the big banks and insurance companies. No one wants to re-organize.  Obama did a bit. But no one wants to really challenge the way business is done in this country. Except those at Occupy Wsll Street encampments.

This is not just an antidote protest to the Tea Party who are angry at the wrong things. They seem to think taxation is the problem.  It ain’t the taxes we pay-it is the taxes the corporations don’t pay.  It is the loopholes in the system for the wealthiest.  It is the deregulated environment of the banks and credit card companies who help and encourage deeper debt for America while collecting larger fees.

Occupy Wall Street is on the right track. Keep raising the issues. Keep adding to their ranks. It is a groundswell that can’t stop.


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  1. …but watch out for the anti-Israel crowd that is mixed in with the Occupy crowd. They are there. Disturbing anti-Israel signs spotted.

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