Civil Unions in the Land of Lincoln

Hooray for Illinois- land of Lincoln!  Yesterday the Illinois legislature passed a civil union bill and sent it to their governor, Pat Quinn.  Quinn has promised to sign it.  While it is not full civil marriage it is in a very conservative state a way forward! Hooray for the Midwest! Making progress.  I know you say well Chicago is in Illinois and progressive. It is the President’s home state you say.  But lots of Illinois isn’t so progressive.  There are lots of down home farm people there too.  So taking this first step towards marriage is a great thing.  Illinois joins five other states in creating civil unions for Gay people.

Read an article about the approval here.

And all this came on the day when we marked Rosa Parks’ heritage to not back down from her seat on the bus.  Yesterday was the  55th anniversary of Rosa Parks’, a seamstress who also ran youth groups for the NAACP, refusal to go to the back of the bus.   This is a step out in front of the bus for the gay and lesbian community.  Illinois legislators showed moxie and courage.  Just like Rosa Parks.  Let’s hope the govenor of Illinois shows and signs this bill into law

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