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Start the New Year Right: Planning and Achieving  Your Goals

With the New Year of 2024 soon here, everyone is thinking ahead. What will the New Year bring professionally and personally?  

Lots of people make resolutions at this time year. It’s a process that begins with reflection. Often we think about the year that has gone by. We think about the goals we set for ourselves that we achieved. But for most of us, we focus on the many goals that got dropped or lost along the way.  We had the best of intentions when 2023 started!

Many people set lofty goals at the New Year. But few achieve them consistently.  Sometimes we think too big rather than make realistic and achievable goals. While other times we aren’t ready for the changes that we know we have to make and so even if we know we have to make changes, we don’t.

But the core of the resolutions process is to be realistic and to really discern what must change and what can change.

To do this, some of us need an accountability partner. Someone to check in with us. Someone to support us in the goals that we have and in particularly provide us honest feedback and help us stay the course. Someone who will cheer us on and believes in us even when we have our own doubts.

This is part of what a good coach will help you do.  The coaching process can help you actually achieve your New Year’s resolutions, step by step.  The coach listens to you. The coach reflects with you. A coach helps you create an achievable plan for action and will help hold you accountable for that plan.  A good coach can provide you honest feedback and help you reignite your commitment when your attentiveness to your resolutions begins to wane.

Whether as the year ends or  at the beginning of the New Year, now is a perfect time to engage a coach to help you make the changes you want to see in yourself.  Perhaps you want to change jobs but just don’t know where to begin.  Perhaps you have been considering boosting your performance in your current job to move up in your organization to get that raise you deserve.   Perhaps you have more personal goals like spend more time with your family.  A coach can help you with time management and boundary setting that will help you carve out the space to spend more time with your kids and be more efficient at work.   

Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin?  A good coach can help you figure it all out!

If you want to start the New Year from a place of strength and opportunity, I invite you to consider working with me on creating and achieving your 2024 Resolutions! I look forward to talking with you.  You can learn more from my website at

And Happy New Year!