Budget cuts hurt real people

California is facing a dire budget for the new year. Governor Brown has had no choice but to drastically cut everything from Mental health to Medi-cal payments.  For the most vulnerable in our society it will be even more devastating, if we can even imagine that.  What does it say about our society when we ignore the poorest and the sickest? What does it say when everyone want to take but no one wants to give?  What does it say about all of us?

Brown has proposed doing away with the youth prison system. That would mean juvenile offenders in adult prisons.  That would be treacherous.

For people with HIV/AIDS on ADAP they could experience out of pocket expenses as much as 5 percent of gross income.

The situation Brown inherited was atrocious.  And with the economic recovery still at a snail’s pace-tax revenue is still not sufficient in our state.  How do we solve this thorny and painful issue?  Thoughts?

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